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What make a good government?

In my own view, a good government is a system that has a clear and understanding vision for the country and the society to create a system of development.


What are the key points that would cause Liberia to develop easily?

For this question, first of all I would like to say that there is nothing goes easy, it depends on the effort of the people (citizens of the country).

  1. there should be a peace, stability, unity, confidence building among them and work hand in hand.
  2. wining party for the presidential election should believe in sharing power with the citizens
  3. the party should try to call on to all the heads including all politician within the society to meet and discus the future of the country (Vision on development).
  4. All the head/ leaders should try to come up in-cycle policy regarding development of the country. Let them set a periodic chart for development, that is, E.g, (Vision 2035) for Liberia.
  5. within this cycle, every leader elect as a country head, shall not breach this goal policy by engaging into any other plan base on his/her own way.
  6. within this goal policy, the plan can be divided into seven plans and each plan should be implemented within five years.

A - to provide electricity for the entire country (Liberia) = 5 years

B - to build and tar all the major highways six line in(Liberia) = 5 years

C - to provide pump water for the entire country (Liberia) = 5 years

D - to provide communication to every cities, town and villages (Lib) = 5 years   

E to provide transportation for the country (Liberia) = 5 years

F to provide education facilities for the nation (Liberia) = 5 years

G - to provide


With such plan, within 35 years term, Liberia shall become a develop country where economy booming would take place quickly. Liberia should try to view this policy Look East policy in terms of development. Any leader for any cause bleach these plans, shall be question for it. However, some plan shall be privatize to any dependable company by listing for the minimums years of 25 - 30******




Government should be democratic

The leader should be knowledgeable, educated and full of wisdom.

Government of Wisdom, the conclave hastened to clarify, is no direct Government by wise men nor is it a substitution of the constitutional and democratic institutions and processes. It is a psycho-social movement to impart sanity and wisdom to constitutional institutions which are otherwise fast-losing their credibility, utility and dignity.


The concept of the Government of Wisdom recognizes, and bases itself on, the most powerful source of self-purification of Liberia Society, drawn from the culture, values and the tremendous spiritual wealth of Liberian Inheritance. It reposes faith that Liberian people of all religions inherit a genetic potential for purity of both public and private life and are endowed with an inexhaustible latent moral and spiritual wisdom which can sustain them in their hour of trial.

In terms of practical application, this concept of Government of wisdom eliminates impurities in the electoral process by substituting competition with consensus. The centrifugal force of the electoral competitiveness will be substituted by the centripetal forces of consensus based on wisdom. It seeks to lessen the burden of legislative cost by emphasizing on the quality of representation more than the quantum of representation. By promoting consensus, harmony and broad-based understanding in legislative process and functions, it makes the process decorous and purposeful.


Equal distribution of power

The ruling party should allocate some power to the opposition to enable them function in the government in the government fully. By them participating in the government would contribute to the development of the country, and this would enable them to think positively. Continue to hang head with them regarding on any development issue toward the country.


Up-holding Justice

Do not allow your power to supersede the judicial process in the country. Judicial area should be an independent area where by no one is above the law. Justice should be done to all.


Abused of power

The system should not allow any officer to use his or her position to harm any one such as humiliations, using the word do you know who I am? Justice is the one that have to deal with any matter or case that have to do with conflict between people in the society. Fan should be posed on such act, because it is one of the major act that tarnishing the good reputation of the good government.



Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression should be allowed fully to all citizens provided it does not harm others. Every individual or group should be responsible for their own expression to the justice in case it appeared harm to others.


ECONOMICS DEVELOPMENT (Agriculture is a first step)


Selection of special educated personal for Economics Research and improvement of Agriculture productions.


1. Rice farming

The government should motivate the citizens to involve in to rice farming heavily and import rice little with high tax payable to the government. Also the government should promote the local rice to the public and private sector. The government should try to assist the farmers to produce more as to enable them to export the rice too.


2. Fish production

Fishing is one of the major income areas that the government is always overlooking; the government should take over the fishing system as national concern. The government should provide a fishing industry for the country. There should be ten (10) fishery sections that are allocated for fish production; this would lead to the exporting of fish to other countries. These industries would open a large number of employments for the Liberian people.


3. Palm Oil production

4. Cocoa production

5. Coffee production

6. Sugarcane production

7. Pineapple production

8. Orange production




1. Martian (Shipping industry)

2. Liberia sea-ports

3. Iron-ore production

4. Timber wood production

5. Rubber production

6. Robert International Airport (RIA)




  1. Drugs control among the Liberian youth
  2. Alcoholic control among the Liberian youth
  3. Special attention should be paid to them for their improvement.




  1. Arm controlled.
  2. Amendment in the constitution, to not allow any security to take power in Liberia.
  3. Do not have power to jail any civilian
  4. Not to take special order from any government employee







The police should be divided in to the following branches:


  1. Civil Police that responsible of crime and prosecution (arrest criminal)
  2. Traffic Police that responsible for controlling vehicle (violation of traffic rules)
  3. Police that responsible for Road and Transport sections (speed limit)
  4. City police that responsible for (sanitations and violation of parking vehicles)




 Development requirement for the country:


  1. Water system throughout the country
  2. Electricity throughout the country
  3. Communication throughout the country
  4. Road building and Tail throughout the country
  5. Transportation systems throughout the country
  6. Housing facilities throughout the country


Individuals or parties plan would never slot these plan into action, because, the party stature in power in solving these plan shall not be thinkable. Every individual may want grape the power and get what he or she want and leave the place. Therefore, I would suggest that after the presidential election, the weaning party should invite all the political parties, Chiefs, county superintendent, commissioners, elders, and women leaders including youth in the country for one month discussion on the VISSION for the country development.


There should be a mandatory to complete this mission with out delay. Within thirty (30) years time, (Vision 2040)  these projects should be completed, if any party is able to complete one of the projects within the first five (5) years, it possible that the party could win next election. It would be like development computation among the elected leaders. Until the end of these projects, no other project should be proposed by any individual for the country. Each party that is elected in as ruling governance should follow or continue from where the successor stops.




Ministry of Human Resources shall be formed for the purpose of training and employment.


Every individual (s) that may wish to apply for a post in any firm, should go through the ministry of HRS with a valid document (s) that justify his qualification for that post, and if it required training for that post. There should be no special treatment for the candidate, be a government official relatives. Examination and interview for that post will be the only source of getting that post.

Every firm or companies should declare the number of their employees and special inspectors should be post to monitors all firms employees and their identities from the HRS ministry. Special fan should be pose on the firm if found illegal employee or per timer working within that organization.




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